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“I don’t know how the tropical climate of coastal BC creates so many angry punk bands (D.O.A., Real McKenzies, SNFU…), but The Rebel Spell are carrying the street punk torch for the next generation. They explore injustice in various forms through their music and are actual active activists who live what they preach. Anti Flag are their southern counterpart, but the Rebel Spell is doing it on their own merits, touring hard and getting their music out there without big label money. The Tsilhqot’in War starts off with a beautiful melody that introduces a true tale about the Canadian genocide of our Aboriginal peoples. They sing about the Tar Sands, the environment, racism and religion. We can argue all day about what “punk” truly means, but to me personally, it is built around intelligent people standing up for human rights and striving to make a difference against oppressive political powers. By this definition, The Rebel Spell (and Morning Glory) are one of the few true punk bands out there today.”(The Punk Site)

"In many ways The Rebel Spell’s Last Run is a depressing album. The cover art depicts a feeble, aging anthropoid trying desperately to hold back an immense industrial wave. It’s clear that he won’t be able to stand his ground for long. The album title itself can be interpreted as an ominous prediction for the fate of our civilization. And vocalist Todd Serious’ opening lines set anything but an optimistic tone for the album:
There’s a deep deadly silence sadness growing inside of me, it hurts to be here but I can’t leave. It could be easy, for some listeners, to become overwhelmed or disheartened while listening to Last Run. But engaging tough realities is something The Rebel Spell have been doing for three full lengths previous to Last Run, and there is a reason the band is still at it.
Musically, Last Run is a melodic, cleanly produced street punk album. The album starts fast, and maintains the pace for most of its length. The rhythm section is relentless and tight from start to finish, drums and bass guitar coalescing in a way that makes it hard not to pump your fist, and nearly impossible not to bob your head. Rhythmically, there is no new ground being broken on the record. Listeners looking for something more progressive may be let down by the straight ahead punk beat which prevails on Last Run. The Rebel Spell are certainly not trying to be something they’re not. The territory is familiar, but it is executed flawlessly.
The biggest difference between Last Run and The Rebel Spell’s previous releases is probably producer Jesse Gardner’s handling of Erin’s guitar parts. This might be the fullest, most dynamic guitar sound that The Rebel Spell has achieved on a release to date. The balance between cleanliness and abrasiveness on any punk album is always a delicate thing to achieve, and it is struck with remarkable accuracy here. Erin’s crunchy hooks blend seamlessly into haunting, meandering melodies made even more impactful by bass player Elliot’s addition of organ and piano to a few of the songs. The multi-instrumental aspect is not overplayed, but it is one of the characteristics of the album which distinctly sets it apart from conventional street punk.
Vocalist Todd Serious’ delivery on Last Run is in many ways similar to Erin’s guitar work, and the dynamic between the two is one of the things that has defined The Rebel Spell as a unique and relevant band since their first release, 2003’s Expression in Layman’s Terms. Todd’s vocals are aggressive and clean, melodic and punchy, and just like Erin’s guitar, very haunting. It’s not easy to maintain an abrasive vocal sound in heavy music without venturing into screaming territory, nor is it simple to create a unique vocal sound without assuming an unnatural or contrived tone, but Todd’s direct approach is extremely effective at achieving this. The emotion in the vocals is palpable, without sounding sappy. The lyrics are easy to make out, and this is of outmost importance to a band with a message and an agenda like The Rebel Spell. You can tell Todd is angry from his first notes, and it is easy to accept this anger as genuine.
One of the standout tracks on the album is “The Tsilquot’in War,” which is the album’s longest, clocking in at over 5 minutes. The lyrics take the form of a linear narrative, telling the story of a violent uprising in northern British Columbia by a group of indigenous warriors in the 1860s. The warriors opposed the building of a road through their traditional territory and the implications of disease, abuse and violence which was carried with it. Unable to defeat the guerilla warriors, and suffering overwhelming casualties, the white settlers lured the Tsilquot’in into their camp with the promise of peace talks. When the warriors arrived, they were tried and convicted for murder and hanged. Todd’s repetition of “We meant war not murder” towards the end of this song is one of the most striking and powerful moments of the album. The song also features vocals and fiddle accompaniment by folk artist Jeff Andrew, another genre-defying moment on Last Run. “The Tsilquot’in War” is twelfth of thirteen total songs on the album. Personally, when a band can pull off putting a standout track at the end of the album, I feel this speaks volumes for the quality of the album as a whole.
Some people might listen to the lyrics in Last Run and dismiss them as contrarian or idealistic. Likewise, some people might listen to the record and write it off as a generic punk album with nothing new to offer. But if you listen a little harder, you can find the hope, compassion, and realism in the lyrics. It’s right there for those who are receptive to it. Likewise, if you listen for the musical nuances, you might be able to tap into the poetry of The Rebel Spell and understand what sets the band apart. You might even come to understand The Rebel Spell as a sonic representation of the immutable rage of the human spirit. The Rebel Spell might be one of those bands that either touches you profoundly, or doesn’t do much for you at all. Regardless, Last Run is as good an offering from the band as could be hoped for, and possibly their best to date."
8.9 / 10 — Stepan (ScenePointBlank)

"Perhaps the quality I value most in traditional punk rock, at least in terms of its limited sonic spectrum, is when I can hear a true sense of urgency in a song. Bands that are able to make me feel like a freight train is about to fly off the rails and crash through my stereo speakers are often among my favorites. The Rebel Spell are one of these bands who deliver that sense of urgency with their frantic, hard-nosed, no-bullshit punk rock. Hailing from Vancouver, they embrace the DIY ethic and are one of the rare bands left in today’s landscape of old-timer reunion shows and colossal destination festivals who you might find playing at your town’s local dive bar for five dollars. After being won over immediately by a live performance in one of these said dive bars, I picked up their 2011 effort It’s a Beautiful Future and having been waiting for the new album to drop ever since.
Hoping The Rebel Spell would continue to use much of the same sound heard on their last record, I was more than pleased as soon as I hit play on Last Run. Crunchy riffs, fast beats and booming vocals take charge of the listener’s ears on a ride through 12 modern, punk n’ hardcore rippers that send messages along the likes of social change, routing for the underdog and not backing down. The title track begins with a piano intro and then transforms into one of the hardest hitting songs I’ve heard in a while with its chorus of “Don’t blame the wolf, don’t blame the seal, if it will help you can blame me!” The bangers keep coming with “Pride and Prejudice”, “Ten Thousand Years” and “All This Costs”, showing a good level of technical prowess that would likely get the nod from fans of Strike Anywhere or A Wilhelm Scream. The band also shows a bit of range in the later portion of the record. The mid-tempo track “I Heard You Singing” presents some uplifting vocal harmonies that I wasn’t expecting at first, but continue to dig more each listen. Deciding to push the five-minute mark with a punk song can often be a mistake, but the group tackles “The Tsilhqot’in War” quite well; lyrics describing events from the 1860’s battleground hold my attention to the point where I forget the song’s run time. The album closes with one more ripper called “Fight For The Sun” that ferociously brings the rumble to the very last note.
In an era where the DIY ethos of punk rock as been a bit diluted with legendary bands from the 1990’s heyday of Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords deciding to come back (or in some cases deciding to never leave), it can be tough for some of us to find new bands who really bring it. I don’t like lo-fi garage rock. I’m not into acoustic solo projects. For me, when I discover a band like The Rebel Spell it is something special. Efforts from bands this true to what punk rock is about deserve a higher than average score, even if they never get featured on the latest Warped Tour compilation. Last Run delivers everything I want a punk rock album to be in 2014 and is without a doubt contending for top spot on my year end list." (Punk News)


released September 30, 2014



Track Name: Hopeless
There is a deep deadly sadness growing inside of me it hurts to be here but I can’t leave
And if I found a way to walk away, well where then what would I be?
I’d be useless to you and worse to me and I don’t get any better on self-pity
I don’t get anything else just this bit of time so I, I, I, I

I’d like to help you up, I’ve got power to spare
Don’t believe for a second that there’s no one else there
I’ve got enough for you even in the depths of my despair
I will help you up, I’ve got power to spare

I feel the same way towards everything from a tiny worm to a leaning tree
I love the underdog every time I’m not sure why or what it means
Inequities in power compel me to try and overwhelming odds are when I thrive
I’m not happy just on my game and one more time I’ll try to explain
Track Name: Breathe
We’ve heard a billion words about building and beginning, my biggest interest now is dismantle and diminish
The train of construction has had its time, if this is where it goes let’s end this line.
Too many people walking around half dead trapped in the dream of growth, a slow smoky death
We’ve progressed this place into a dying grey mess, before it’s too late draw in a last breath

Breathe! Are you living? My heart beats so hard it may tear itself right outta my chest.
Breathe and listen, if you hear your heart moving, well then you’ll know you’ve just cheated death

Living means retreating to things that work for us, not being dragged along through this mechanized dusk
Layers and layers of rules and constructs compound to make a pile of what?
A great arms race against real interaction and insidious self-loathing for our own imperfections
Accept this substitution for life or slow down, look around, stand up and fill your lungs

Breathe! Are you there? Can we do this? I’m waiting.
Breathe, look alive, pay attention, keep moving
It never gets easy unless you give up and if you do you won’t know because there is nothing after death
Track Name: Last Run
Run run run run my gorgeous cousins to a beautiful place where the helis don’t fly
Out of the reach of man and industry away from this scourge, the destroyer of all
This doesn’t come from logic or ignorance you’ve been set up and sentenced to die
You’ve been blamed but you won’t be tried just poisoned or shot for someone else’s crimes

Don’t blame the wolf, don’t blame the seal if it will help you can blame me
Blame the tar sands and the fishing fleets, or forestry, blame industry

200,000 cattle trample the land, roads end wilderness for everything it has
The tailing ponds kill the river that runs through and wolves get the blame for missing Caribou
Giant drag nets scrape the ocean dead and somehow seals are the new threat
Double the humans in less than 50 years and it’s someone else’s fault when the herds disappear

Don’t blame the wolf, don’t blame the seal, if it will help you can blame me,
Blame the tar sands and the fishing fleets, or forestry blame industry
Don’t blame the wolf, don’t blame the seal, if it will help you can blame me,
How about the growing cities and the sprawling streets, blame agriculture, blame industry
Blame me Blame me

Every witch hunt the same purpose, be it women, wolves, snakes or albatross
How long will these games go on they do nothing to help and only deepen the loss

Blame the war on nature, blame the fear of green, blame the lazy cowards in huge machines,
Blame us all together as we poison the sea, blame the way we consume and breed and breed
or pesticides and the GMO wheat, the water you waste for the taste of meat
Blame acid rain, yes it’s still a thing, clear-cuts you can see from space
reactor leaks, open pits, massive dams and their floods of death
Blame our anthropocentric mind disease, science dragged out back and forced to its knees
Blame your own inaction while the world bleeds, blame that on the distractions of your silly scene
I know you need a sacrifice to your god of greed if it will help you can take me blame me blame me blame me
Track Name: Pride And Prejudice
You probably understand the shame of hatred over race so I’d like to point out a couple other things.
You were born in this spot did you deserve what you got? How about any other? Human or not.
And your perspective it must be the best never mind that your mentors built this fuckin’ mess
How about your ability or the way that you talk what makes you so special let’s give it some thought

Why gender? Why species? Why country? Why family? Indoctrination
Why gender? Why species? Why country? Why family? What is it you think you see?

Let’s examine the flag they assigned you at birth, why is it there? How does it work?
If people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones then those in ivory towers probably shouldn’t break bones
How about religion? Artificial division all decked out with dogma and tricks
And finally this thing to round out the list. Does your dick make you better? It sure don’t look like it

Why these arbitrary lines between you them and me?
Why the pride in privilege not what you’ve achieved?
Why do you think you know better how we all should be?
I can’t see how we’ll ever agree?

Do you believe that some should die starving?
Cause millions of soldiers enforce this doctrine
Look for your power not a messiah
Scream for the eagle and scream for the vulture
What you do is all you are and
you could probably do better than the pain you’re causing
Scream and scream like you’re the one dying
And don’t stop screaming until your heartbeat stops
Track Name: Grass Rat
When you came to us you were a tiny juggernaut with that maniacal laugh that would not be stopped
You taught a band of punks to be a family you taught us what stability can mean
We tried to teach you to dance but you had moves of your own and you’ve continued that theme as you’ve grown
I know that you already understand how crazy life is if there is only one thing we give, let it be this

We’re behind you, we’re you’re front line, We’ll be here, on and on
If you forget we’ll remind you, Always, always all along.

They called you fertility but I call you war cause you’re everything that I fight for.
You’re the ground that I stand on the trees and the sun you’re the fire behind me when I run
Remember those kids that made you that coat, the art you inspired and your words we still quote
All gifts of allegiance from our nebulous tribe they say that we’re here for all time

We’re behind you, we’re your front line, we’ll be here, on and on
If you forget we’ll remind you always, always all along.
Always, always all along. Always, always on and on...Always, always all along
on and on and on and on and on

There’s been a storm that has followed you and there are dark times ahead despite all we do
If you need to run for cover or a moment of light every one of us would fight, kill or die.

We’re behind you, we’re you’re front line, We’ll be here, on and on
If you forget we’ll remind you Always, always all along.
Always, always all along. Always, always on and on
Always, always all along on and on and on and on and
We’re behind you, we’re you’re front line, We’ll be here, on and on
If you forget we’ll remind you Always, always all along.
Track Name: Ten Thousand Years
I’ve read about brutality through history by agents of every form of state.
I know that nothing’s changed and their roles and means are just the same
Do you really think we can fix this thing? It’s been tried again and again

10,000 years! Just the same! Until they burn, this won’t change!
Move! Move! Move! Push back or be knocked flat
Move! Move! Move! Or you’re just in the way
Move! Move! Move! If you keep loving our captors the future is just more murder and beatings

From ancient Greece to New Orleans armed sadists rule the street
Since the first of these legions walked there has always been a “few bad cops”
You think you see a helpful soul? I just see an enemy soldier

10,000 years! Just the same! Until they burn, this won’t change!
10,000 years! Inflicting pain! If they reform then burn again

Jeffrey Miller, Paul Boyd, Two unnamed dead in Winnipeg
Oscar Grant, Rodney Jackson, Ian Bush and Darren Varley
Sharpeville, Marikana, Kent State, not close enough?
Boom Boom Boom Guess who’s at your door?

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever” George Orwell
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Track Name: Not A Prayer
If I could change so many things I would, you bet
I’d help with my hands, my legs, my brain and hard work
But it’s making me crazy thinking about the tools one shouldn’t use!
The insanity and futility of your approach.

Is there utility in charity? There’s some, I guess.
What about some protest? Might work, a bit
What are your chances of helping anything down on your knees with your eyes closed?

Not a prayer, not a prayer, not a prayer, not a prayer

There is people working hard in the courts and street
You undermine and trivialize their sweat and tears
You are an insult to and distraction from an already beleaguered voice
We need action and new ideas we need many, many things but

Is there anything thing that won’t help just a bit? Is anything without a point? Yes it’s called a prayer
If crosses and crystals and beads would help by now we’d all be alright
This idea was planted to keep you confused. There are things to give but for fuck sakes...
Track Name: I Heard You Singing
I walked out along the river and then up the hill
I moved for several hours with no direction that I knew
I had no destination
There was no one there but me
But I heard a sound that made me feel,
Heard a voice, a call to be free

I heard you singing through the trees
I heard you call just once for me

It was at once empowering and so compelling to hear
Until the implications became clear
It was both so far away but somehow much to near
I stopped in awe then wonder turned to fear

An awful kind terror struck, I could not feel my face
As I spun around I lost my footing
There were no right angles or even straight lines
No structure with which to align myself
I was so confused no one to tell me how to be
I groveled and crawled then finally stood and ran
I’ve been invited but I’m too scared to leave

I’ve been invited but I’m too scared to leave

I heard you singing through the trees
I heard you call just once for me
I heard you singing through the trees
I heard you singing
But I was too scared to leave
Track Name: The Tsilhqot'in War
In 1863 the road builders came
To the Tsilhqot’in Plateau at the head of a wave
Of Empire spreading like a treacherous disease
To build a road from the ocean to the Cariboo Gold Fields
Hundreds of Tsilhqot’in had already died
Of smallpox brought by the European tide
Now came the road crews pushing through their land
threatened with disease, it was time to take a stand

Annihilation on its way
The Crown will take and take and take
Guerrilla war up in the hills
No choices left, our fight we make

Dealt this hand they had to stand. Would you stand? I would stand. Backs to the mountains their place to be but no space for this new enemy

By the spring of 1864 the pattern was clear:
They bring smallpox and rape and take by murder, theft and fear
So Klatsassin and a band of Tsilhqot’in warriors
Ambushed the invaders on the banks of the Homathco
‘Kill the head and the body will die’
14 whites dead beneath the undulating skies
Klatsassin saw it as the start of a war
The Crown sent a militia in to even the score

Annihilation on its way
The Crown will take and take and take
Guerilla war up in the hills
No choices left, our fight we make

To Klatsassin it was war, to the Crown they were criminals the militia couldn’t catch them, way up there in the hills
So the Crown brought in a tracker named Donald McLean who’d killed elders and babies in the course of his days as a frontier mercenary working the fur trade
the Tsilhqot’in knew him by his bayonet blade he struck out on his own and the warriors shot him down
A last insult to the Crown and the Uprising was over

They were tricked into surrender with the promise of peace talks. A trap: they were arrested and The Hanging Judge Begbie tried them in Quesnel where they were hanged as criminals but it was another 100 years before the road was even built
The Tsilhqot’in never ceded and this fight will never end
It’s a legacy of struggle and what it means to stand

Climb the gallows, take the blame
His name means “We Don’t Know His Name”
Klatsassin’s last words:
“We meant war not murder”

Dealt this hand they had to stand. Would you stand? I would stand
Dealt this hand they had to stand. Would you stand? They did stand

“We meant war not murder”
Track Name: Fight For The Sun
You might believe this is a real nice place where everyone is free and more or less safe
But did ya know around the world they’ve locked up about 10 million people?
You might not have known but that just changed don’t confuse this for justice just cruel and insane
But to those among us that know and are raising hell to free them

Fight for the sun my bold friends, fight for the sun this night will end. I promise...
Fight for the sun my bold friends, fight for the sun this night will end Fight for the sun fight for the sun fight for the sun it’s coming

We might look different but we’re all the same in that we all need to move and feel love to stay sane
But our cruel species withholds these rights from 25 Billion creatures
How many years cutting day and night would it take to sever that much chain?
You need to help what will it take to get you all to see this!?

I wait they wait when is it coming? Don’t wait, they wait you must bring the sun.

Let’s go bass man walk me home now
It’s only music but I’ve got you listening
Crank the volume bring the rage up
Harder drummer let them hear it
I need some voices a thousand voices
I need you all and one more thing
guitar guitar guitar guitar