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There's some good tunes being released of late and this Class Assassins 7" is no different. Sadly there's only two tunes on this release but they are both guitar fuelled tunes that are catchy as fuck! These guys really know how to rock out in style! Hopefully this single should be the lead to a new album being released so please watch this space. 'Treason' is the lead track on this release which is a great rock n roll tune to get those air guitars out and jump about. Timeless number for sure! Not far behind is 'Start Again' another great tune that isn't too far behind tune wise. Its great to see Anti-Fascist bands of this quality banging out some decent music with well written lyrics. You're going to love The Class Assassins – I promise! 8/10 - Street Voice

Side A, “Treason” has this underlying reggae beat to the song that reminds me of VERBAL ASSAULT’s “Tiny Giants” partially for the same reggae back beat, but partially because the sound is beefy. Beefy rock reggae from punks. Makes sense coming from punks who are anti-racists. Reaches back to the roots rebel army origins of the band’s appreciation for bands like the RUTS and SLF. The B Side, “Start Again” is more like what I am used to hearing from the CLASS ASSASSINS. Having just recorded a version of this song for our radio show I appreciate the heavy vocal interplay that comes together as gang chants in this song that live somewhere between SHAM 69 and RANCID. The music is more along the lines of the SKIDS with the not so subtle celtic riffing that made BIG COUNTRY a phenomenon. “Start Again” is my favourite of the two numbers and should have been the A-Side, but both songs are great. And it kind of baffles me how this band doesn’t have more people talking about them especially given that the singer was in an early rendition of CHRONIC SUBMISSION and the bassist was in DIRECT ACTION. Thos are two heavyweights as far as Toronto hardcore is concerned and should take nothing away from the others who played in PROBLEM CHILDREN, HOCKEY TEETH, and BOMB SHELTER. All of these bands were great in their own right. And although bringing together that much talent can be risky as is the case with Brazil’s football team, the egos are in check with the CLASS ASSASSINS. In fact I would say that the egos are no existent. These guys just play stripped down back to basics punk with loads of melody and is an example where bringing together this much talent can blow you away. There are a few examples of this like LIMP WRIST and the SWARM and now streetpunk has a role model. - Equalizing X Distort


released August 2, 2014



Track Name: Treason
ou gotta watch what you always say
Because in this world the walls have ears
A brand new rumor almost everyday
Now you know the lies will never go away
Some don't think before they talk
In all accounts of your treason
Once again you made the rounds
Tell me why tell me the reason

I'll take you on

Once I heard a story about me
And I can say that it wasn't true
The story tellers think they know me
I have to say I don't know you
I took a stand 'cause it had to stop
I took a stand for my own reasons
Now you know why I took a walk
And walked away from your treason

I'll take you on

When your world is spinning round and round
seems like your friend still want to keep you down
Just looking for a place to bleed
In a desperation time of need
You sit alone and the drugs come through
But in the end they beat you black and blue
I extend an olive branch
but you chose to run not take a stance
Contact its the fucking shame
It only happens when you're on a different plain
I took a stand 'cause it had to stop
So what you gonna do when the other shoe drops
I got a left I got a right
I hit you once and you're out for the night
I feel the hate why does it feel so great
'cause I know that's not the way

I'll take you on
Track Name: Start Again
Is it wrong to wanna have resolution
Am I gone because I talk about revolution
Have we become split apart from our very own evolution
Am I alone all by myself in a solitary institution

Is it fair to be left out there
Out in the cold
You stand tall when you get the call
but you’re getting old

Everything bought and everything taught
Well it’s all been sold
I have to say we’ve lost our way
And still got miles to go

And I wait for the day to start again